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Team Restaurant Para di šoto is made of people who are in love with Split, cultural heritage and rich, tasty dishes. We are in constant strive to give you a proper feeling of past times accompanied by a modern touch. The greatest present you can give us is a satisfied and smiling face upon leaving our home.

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With the name and surname Ante Toni Pilić, and for us the real Mozart in the gourmet sense, the new face of the restaurant Para di Šoto. Love for cousine, openness to new ideas, and unmistakable talent led him straight to our restaurant. Each dish is a unique compose of the many experiences gathered during a number of years of work in various renowned restaurants around the world, among which they would particularly emphasize the chef’s position in one of the restaurants globally known Jamie Oliver. Ante continuously participates in international culinary competitions, and has had the opportunity to cook among the great gastro-scenes and bring in as many as 14 Grand Prix prizes in his home. In the premises of our restaurant located on the wing of the Roman term of the 4th century, united under the protection of UNESCO, you will not expect anything less than a culinary paradise! The connection of ancient walls and culinary melodies of our Ante are excellent basis for creating a true symphony of all the senses.



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