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Wine card

All our wines originate from small family owned vineyards within Croatian borders, mostly Dalmatia. We decided to go with local wines because we cherish and want to preserve Croatian winemaking legacy. Our partners and their families really love what they do and are involved with their heart and soul in the wine making process from its beginning till the end. Thus why, most of the wines in the wine card are limited edition and are made with respect to the old ways and traditional recipes. Using industrial means and chemistry during the winemaking process is brought to its minimum, only the necessary things needed to preserve the original aroma. “Quality over quantity” motto is truly followed, each grape is checked and only the best ones go into the actual production creating a perfect product.

White wine

bijela vina / white wine
Toreta Pošip (0,75l)  / vinogorje Korčula /
Toreta Pošip (0,125l) 
Zlatarica Gašpar (0,75l)  / vinogorje Vrgorac /
Zlatarica Gašpar (0,125l) 
Kujundžuša Jokan (0,75l) / vinogorje Imotski /
Kujundžuša Jokan (0,125l) 
Pošip Antunović Premium (0,75l)  / vinogorje Pelješac /
Pošip Antunović Premium (0,125l)
Divina Pošip (0,75l) / vinogorje Korčula /
Pošip Prestige Kraljevski Vinogradi (0,75l) / vinogorje Zadar /
Grk Bire (0,75l)  / vinogorje Korčula /

Rose wine

Rose vina / Rose wine
Rose Wine Testament (0,75l)  / vinogorje Šibenik /
Rose Wine Testament (0,125l) 

Sparkling wine & champagne

Pjenušava vina i šampanjci / Sparkling wine & champagne
Prosecco (0,125l)
Piena Brut (0,75l)
Godiment Stina (0,75l)
Bire Rose Brut (0,75l)
Moët & Chandon Imperial (0,75l)
Moët & Chandon Imperial Rose (0,75l)
Dom Perignon (0,75l)

Red wine

crna vina / red wine
Volarević Plavac Mali (0,75l)  / vinogorje Pelješac /
Volarević Plavac Mali (0,125l) 
Plavka Gašpar (0,75l)  / vinogorje Vrgorac /
Plavka Gašpar (0,125l) 
Babić Mali T (0,75l)  / vinogorje Šibenik /
Babić Mali T (0,125l) 
Plavac Škrapa (0,75l) 2015. / vinogorje Pelješac /
Roki’s Cuvee Barrique (0,75l) 2019. / vinogorje Vis /
Crljenak Kraljevski Vinogradi (0,75l) 2016. / vinogorje Zadar /
Vergolac Gašpar Cuvee (0,75l) 2016. / vinogorje Vrgorac /
Hvar Hills Pharos Maximvs (0,75l) 2012. / vinogorje Hvar /
Dingač Traditional Antičević (0,75l) 2013. / vinogorje Pelješac /
Dingač Antičević Selection (0,5l) 2011. / vinogorje Pelješac /