Restaurant Para di šoto and hotel Slavija symbiosis leads to creating different forms of additional services meant for private and business users.

Wine, dine & sleep

Enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by chef`s personal touch in the Para di šoto restaurant and have a good night sleep at Hotel Slavija.

Enrich your stay in Split with a gourmet journey at the ground floor of the Slavija hotel. Delight your senses with organic food and Croatian wine.

  • An overnight stay (1 night or more)
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Half board (1 three course meal per day) or full board (2 three course meals per day)
  • Meat, fish and vegetarian options

Price on request.

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Private terrace

20 square meter private terrace is located on the fifth floor of hotel Slavija and connected with restaurant Para di šoto by an elevator.

Roof terrace is suitable for private dinner parties, cooking classes, small weddings, baptismal fêtes and many other events up to 20 guests. Professional staff, including a private chef and waiter, is part of the fifth floor offer. Also, it is worth noting that there is a kitchen intended only for fifth floor users. Picturesque landscape, including the park forest in the middle of the city, clear Adriatic Sea and the bell tower of St. Duje, is just a small piece of all the beauty waiting for you on our fifth floor.

Reservation is necessary at least 3 days before the event.

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Business room

The newly renovated business room is an ideal venue for smaller business gatherings or seminars. The room is accessed through the atrium of hotel Slavija, its surface is 27 square meters with maximum of 25 seats depending on the seating plan. Possible settings are the following: classroom setting, “theater” form, “T” and “U” form.

All possible settings of our business room are available on the following link:soba za sastanke-business room

It is suitable for business users, as well as associations, organizations and authors for organizing smaller conferences, teambuilding, courses, seminars, meetings and smaller presentations. Standard audio and video equipment, projector, screen and flipchart, are part of the offer.

The meeting room is located close to the hotel reception and restaurant where you can arrange drinks and finger food during the break or at the end of the event.

Enchant your business partners and associates with the perfect ambience that will serve the purpose of fostering creativity and business success. The presence of antique elements gives a sense of calm and home atmosphere, has anti-stress effect and makes you feel secure. Combined with a minimalist interior, antique elements stimulate concentration and maximize the attention on the lecturer.

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Cooking class in hotel Slavija

Cooking class

Cooking class takes place on the rooftop terrace of hotel Slavija, where we have fully equipped kitchen and amazing terrace overlooking Split`s old town, Diocletian’s palace, Adriatic Sea and Marjan hill. The food prepared by guests is served on the terrace, private area only for participants of our cooking class.

The tour starts from the reception of Hotel Slavija (we are picking you up). Duration 3 do 4 hours
Min: 3 guests
Max: 10 guests
Price: on request

Guests learn how to prepare traditional Croatian dishes. It’s necessary to book in advance because we always want to discuss with you what would you like to learn to prepare (we will give few options). Please note that our cooking class is private, there will be no other participants except from you and your people. We also give an option to decide whether you want to have a cooking class with a professional chef who has great range in gastronomic knowledge and has been a chef in many restaurants or a local cook, mother of three who has been cooking for a long time and has amazing recipes and techniques but is not a professional chef.

Cooking class service includes following: beverages (wine 0,5l per person, rakija – 2 shots per person and Turkish like coffee) and all the ingredients to prepare a three/four course meal and dinner/lunch prepared by participants of a cooking class.

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Business breakfast

Share a table with your business associates, clients or colleagues and make plans for prosperous future accompanied by rich breakfast.

Along with large selection of food you will also enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a modernly decorated restaurant above the private Diocletian’s baths dating from the 4th century.

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The restaurant area is suitable for private and business purposes such as dinner parties, small weddings, baptismal fêtes and other religious celebrations, banquets and business meetings.

    Basic info:
  • Restaurant area has 3 parts: hall, terrace and patio on the ground floor.
  • Total number of sitting places in standard configuration is 55 of which 34 in the hall, 9 in the yard/terrace and 12 on the patio. It can grow up to 50 in the hall and 77 in total.

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